Our base level requirement is 35 for all classes , all alignments are welcome. If you want to take part in our guild events, being pay-to-play is helpfull, but not required.

Keep the guild chat clean; don't spam or talk in all caps--this isn't the Astrub zaap. You must be active, which means at least 5 hours a week.

Guild ActivitiesEdit

We're into hunting prespics, perceptors, gobballs, cracklers, anything! We love quests; helping each other is part of being guildmates.

Ranking SystemEdit

  • Keeper - Level 50; donate 20,000 experience.
  • Treasurer - Level 45; donate 15,000 experience.
  • Manufacturer - Level 40; donate 10,000 experience.
  • Defender - Level 35; donate 5,000 experience.
  • Servant - Level 30; donate 2,000 experience.

Guild HistoryEdit

At level 28, Clonelegolas and -Dragontail- (later known as -Lance, The-Big-Lebowsky, Texicaantje and Asroth) decided to create a new guild that would eventually become strong and large. The first days of Zanarkand were peaceful and quiet; everything went well.

However, too many abusive or inexperienced members joined. To combat this, Zanarkand's level requirement rose. When the guild hit level seventeen, dark times approached, and the guild became inactive for a while. Clonelegolas had enough of it and decided to join Passion, but Texicaantje went on with the new leader, Pushit, who already had much respect in the guild thanks to the time he had put into it. And so Zanarkand reopened recruitment and rose to level 19.

The moral of all of this is "After rain comes sunshine." Zanarkand has learned from its mistakes, and its dark past will never repeat itself.