Requirements are:

  1. Level 90

Highly recommended:

  1. 16 years old or older.
  2. English language.

Wu Tang clan's main focus is that of achieving the status of good guild, but not in the stereotypical way. We do not tolerate drama. All members causing other members to be upset or to leave, intentionally, will be in danger of immediate expulsion without an explanation whatsoever.

In our guild you will find a whole package of things to do, some examples of these are: hunts, dungeons, perc attacks, parties, general chat, trash chat, occasional jokes, random quiz's, and territory conquest. All our members are required a small exp tax to the guild, in order to help the guild keep improving steadily; however, a member can ask to have his exp set to 0% at any time, but be advised that this won't help your rank in any way.

We are like a little family helping each other train and get items for equipment also quiet active and we go to different dungeons very often. Guild favorites are kazi, cani dungeons, along with wabbit castle and dungeon. In fact oblivionskillz has among the most wobot kills in all of Dofus. So if you need a cawwot dofus join Wu Tang clan.

If you would like to join the \/\/u Tang family, contact one of our members online for information: oblvionskillz, fallenhalo, what-the-feca, contract-in-blood-pr, bad-man-g, sebeknai.