Introduction Edit

We are a friendly level 32 guild who enjoys most aspects of Dofus. We are a close-knit family guild, so if you enjoy family atmospheres, our guild is probably for you!

Management Edit

All guild issues are voted on by 'the Four' (Flar-of-Pern, Lessa-of-Pern, Tatsuo and Oribeth) to make all fair.

Requirements Edit

XP Donation Edit

Minimum experience donation: 5% minimum and 5% maximum and to have fun

Guild Chat Edit

No bad words on guild chat or group chat will be allowed, people have kids!

Allotments Edit

Normally we only allow one alternate characters per member. All members that are not on trial have xp management rights. However, rules require that you only edit yours and your alt's xp donation.

Future Plans Edit

We are currently working to become a self-sufficient guild so we don't have to buy bread or potions.we are also in the works of leveling our lower members

Miscellaneous Edit

  • We are a mature group of online friends here to enjoy the game, chat, joke, and have a good time.
  • The guild has a large paddock with a great breeder in guild, access is restricted and based on trust.
  • Honestly, this guild is the best I (Dixienormous) have ever been in. They are ready and willing to lend a hand whenever you need it and consist of some of the greatest and friendliest people I've had the privilege to play with. I really can't say enough about them. I am truly honored to be a member of this guild.