We are a Guild. This guild is friendly to any english players :). Once agian 3 times remade trying to get back up this time no deletion :).

Requirements Edit

The minimum level to enter is 80+, you must be 16+ or at least look like 16+, and active.

Rules Edit


Do not beg for items/equipment from other members. It's just annoying.

Be respectful of members within the guild.

The basic rank is Mascot... and according to the exp you've given the guild you'll rank up and get more rights, you get to choose your rank only after you gave 100.000 xp to guild, generally you'll stay as Apprentice - Scout - Guard - Reservist - Protector - Counsellor - Guide. When you give more than 100.000 xp to guild, you get to choose your own rank.

Important members Edit

- Mr-Virgin (Leader)

- Xafireinside (Second In Command)

- Epic-death (Governer)