Vampire´s Blood

We are a guild created by Vampires members, who wanted a training guild for lower levels. We believe friendship is most important. We really care about our friends, and we celebrate when we put a perc, and also percs got names like: "Suicide the deadly blood-sucker Vampire´s blood pony" or "Get a Life Jake" or "Fluffy". We like to have good time together...

Rules Edit

  1. -dont agress guild members
  2. -discuss before acting harshly toward other guild members, especially if they are Friends.
  3. -have fun XD

Click to see our photo: [1]


For info on joining contact Sally or enter the forum.

Allies Edit

Requirements Edit

We usually recruit lvl 20+ active players.

You'd start out as Initiate... and according to the time and exp you've given the guild you'll rank up, you get to choose your rank after a long time in the guild, but generally you'll stay as Initiate/Apprentice/Scout/Guard/Protector.

Important members Edit

  • Sally/Bethus (VB leader)
  • Inf
  • Punk-bgs