The BeginningEdit

The guild was founded on Wednesday, November 16, 2007 by Archer-Elisa. The guildogem was dropped by a gobball group in the Incarnam while she was testing out some new equips. After consideration, Twilight Academy was created 1 hour later.


Q: Why Does Twilight Have An Academy?
A: Because Twilight is starting to run out of space and the recruitment level means lower levels who are dying to join could come here and under leveled members have to be transfered here for the moment.

Q: "For the moment" What Does That Mean?
A: Since this is the academy, we have a job to train new members/recruits/nuggets (Or whatever you like to call them). They can request a transfer to Twilight Once they get to Level 50 (Twilight's Recruitment Level) or they can stay and help the leader and her officers.


1. Any Levels.
2. Active.
3. Responsible and Caring
4. Here for fun. (Not For Power/Rank)

Ranking SystemEdit

Ranking System is revised regularly.

0-1000 Apprentice
1001-1800 Merchant
1801-2300 Breeder
2301-2800 Initiate
2801-3800 Treasure Hunter
3801-4500 Spy
4501-5300 Scout
5301-6200 Guard
6201-7500 Reservist
7501-9000 Protector
9001-? Treasurer

Note: Officers Are Hand Picked.

Suspected DesertersEdit

The Following Members Will Be Kicked From Guild By Leader Personally If They Still Do Not Show Signs Of Activeness Within One Week.


Guild Officals Contact InformationEdit

Archer-Elisa :: Leader
-timeblade- :: Officer
Albino-kitty :: Officer
Beltrame :: Officer