Guild Description[edit | edit source]

The Devils Creed has been through good patches and bad patches, people have come, people have left. Until recently the creed has been out of commission... hardi har har


But not anymore!

The Devils are back, here to take shika by storm once again!

Brief History:

♦ The Devils Creed was formed when Shika was very young by a guy named David. Its leadership has changed, he left and gave it to Peter, it has changed leadership over time but always to those oldest and dearest to it, The devils' ideals will never be destroyed or changed and yet again we WILL strike fear into our foes.

♦ The guild hierarchy currently consists of practically nothing.

New Lead: Kablam

SiC's: Yachiru, Merth

These people are the people who will f**k with your mind and make you enjoy it. Love or hate Hate IS Love

♦ All members of the guild are expected to help us to drag our back back to the top, take no prisoners and leave none standing. One thing about devils, we don't play nice and we don't play friendly. Hell yeah, we still bite.

Join us and embrace the power of The Devils Creed like never before. Oppose us and live to watch your hopes and dreams torn away from your very soul.

Joining Information[edit | edit source]

♦ Membership can be applied for preferably by forum.

♦ Level 90+ is the new cap to be a true Devil.

♦ This is an English speaking guild, so anyone who wishes to join had better damns peak the language atleast half decent.

♦ It is required that anyone who applies for membership be an active player of Dofus, as players that go inactive for long periods of time without prior notice are removed from the guild roster.

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