Angels Creed is currently lead by by ex-Immortals Creed leader Yugi moto who has adopted the guild to make it Shika's #1. It had a truce with Alpha Centauri by Leugim. The majority of former members can be found in Alpa Centauri, Eternal, The Immortals Creed, The Devils Creed and Omni.

Welcome to The Angels Creed. Asking all of its members to having a brief understanding of literacy and maturity, The Angels Creed is a guild for mature players who wish to place enjoyment of the game above all else. However this doesn't mean disregarding the ideas of treating all other players with politeness, honesty and respect, even if they fail to show you the same back.

The sister guild to The Devils Creed, The Angels Creed isn't aiming to be the strongest guild on the server, but more so aiming to build a strong support network of friends and allies in which trust and friendship can be placed, thus boosting the overall enjoyment of Dofus. Regardless of this however, we find ourselves currently the third highest leveled guild in Shika.

In times of need, having loyal friends which can be counted on can be more important then anything. All of The Angels Creed members are urged to remain in contact outside of the games boundaries using the guild forum. Being active and sociable is an important factor when joining Angels. We now ask however that anyone wishing to join to be at least level 50.

Feel free to join us on our forum to discuss any issues or questions you have or contact myself, Urien, Time-Ruler or Deadly-thorn in game.

Many thanks.

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