Welcome to Profus' Guild page, if you want more information about our guild, contact the characters Poseidonas, Aius or Sui in game. Please enjoy yourself.


Proffesion Level Character Name Magus
Tailor 100 Kamaja Yes
Janissary Yes
Khand Yes
Shoemaker 100 Rokko Yes
Janissary Yes
Jeweler 100 Kamaja Yes
Yuki-Onna No
Maitress Unavailable
Dagger Smith 100 Manic-depresif Yes
Axe Smith 100 Maitress Yes
Rituel Yes


Here in Profus, ranks are determined after the amount of experience you've donated to the guild. However Second in Commands are not picked after experience, but trust.

Those who have a crafting professions of level 100 can choose to have rank "Craftsman".

Rank Experience
Treasurer 500.001+
Protector 250.001-500.000
Reservist 100.001-250.000
Guard 50.001-100.000
Scout 10.001-50.000
Aprentice 5001-10.000
On Trial 0-5000
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