Last Updated/Reviewed: December 8th, 2016

Pm a Parallel member in-game if you'd like our website link ^^

About UsEdit

We are a level 200 guild with 100+ active members. The requirement to join us is to be active, and level 150+, however this level requirement may increase over time. We organise perc hunts/dung runs/xping/questing and heaps more, just ask if you ever need help. We are a friendly bunch willing to help guildies with anything. Our current average member level is 195.

Parallel: A Brief HistoryEdit

On the 22nd of April 2011, Tyzii created the guild Parallel.

The guild reached level 100 on the 12th of September 2015.

The guild reached level 200 on the 27th of November 2016. We were the 20th guild on Rushu to reach level 200.

Firstly we were in the alliance [Ultra], then we were in Convergence for a year, then Integrity for a year, and now we're currently in the Wind alliance.

We've held a Kwismas party every year since 2014.

Joining UsEdit

We interest you do we? Just post a message in the 'Talk' button next to 'Edit' near the top of the page and we'll follow you up . If you can't do that, then contact any of the members in the table below and you will be asked a few quick questions to see if you'll fit in with us ^^. The first people you should try contacting are: Tyzii, Felancia, Queenof-Thieves, Cluck, Sir-Kappy or She-Devil.

Here is a list of the people in the guild with the right to invite new members:

Name Rank
Tyzii Leader
Felancia Second in Command


Second in Command
Cluck Second in Command
Sir-Kappy Second in Command
She-Devil Second in Command
Molance Counsellor
Santa-Clauz Counsellor
Hooah Counsellor
Netflix Counsellor

Information (Rights/Ranks) #KnowYourRightsEdit

All information will be posted on this thread, so for starters, our ranking system: In our guild, there are currently 16 ranks you can get. They are the following:

Rights and Ranks Infographic Edit

Please click on the image

Ranking System

Level 1 ranks

Manage own xp/place perc/retrieve your own loot from percs

Level 2 ranks


Place perc/retrieve your own loot from percs/use paddocks                         


Place perc/retrieve your own loot from percs/use paddocks/be the main perceptor defender                 


Place perc/retrieve your own loot from percs/use paddocks/be the main perceptor defender/manage other guildies' xp

Miscellaneous RanksEdit

Rank Acquired Right Details
On-Trial Default rank upon entering guild
  • Manage XP
Perceptor Killer Given to alt characters
  • Manage XP
Counsellor A loyal, dedicated member
  • Manage XP
  • Use of paddocks
  • Place a perceptor
  • Arrange paddocks
  • Retrieve loot from your perceptors
  • Manage other member's XP contribution
  • Transmit rights
  • Invite new members
  • Manage ranks
  • Be the main perceptor defender
Second in Command Live and breathe Parallel
  • All rights



  • If you have met the criteria for a rank, and for some reason you aren't that rank, just tell someone and we'll fix it. 
  • Don't forget to take screenshots of your achievements if you're trying to complete these challenges!
  • The 'invite new members' right is reserved for loyal and trust-worthy members, who have read the recruiting questions and are more than willing to help.
  • There is no limit on how many perceptors you can place, as long as you do not place so many that other guildies who would like to place perceptors, can't place them. 
  • If you would like to organise the items in a paddock, you must ask a Counsellor or Second in Command to do so.


  1. Please do not fight in the guild chat.
  2. Please do not beg.
  3. Members who have been inactive for a minimum of 1+ month(s) without letting us know why, may be kicked.

There aren't many rules, just use your common sense and have fun ^__________^


Rank --------------Leader-------------- --------------SiC-------------- --------------SiC-------------
In-game name: «She-Devil» «Tyzii» «Queenof-Thieves»
Character image
Rank --------------SiC------------- --------------SiC-------------- --------------SiC--------------
In-game Name: «Cluck» «Sir-Kappy» «Felancia»
Character Image
Rank ---------Counsellor--------- ---------Counsellor--------- ---------Counsellor---------
In-game Name: «Hooah» «Santa-Clauz» «Prometos»
Character Image
Rank ---------Counsellor---------
In-game Name: «Netflix»
Character Image


Our houses:

Area Cordinates Chest/workshop Owner
Large house in Frigost Village (Frigost Village) (-75,-41) 3 Chests (Private) Draw-swag (Dalancia)
Small breeder's house (Breeder Village) (-14,0) 1 Chest (Private) SuperNothing28 (Cluck)
Small tailor's house (Brakmar) (-24,34) 1 Chest (Private) xKappy (Sir-Kappy)
Small house in Madrestam (Madrestam Harbour) (8,-2) 1 Chest (Private) Lightning1995 (Esuna)
Little Kanig Cottage (Stontusk Desert) (4,-54) 1 Chest (Private) Luckymiii (Mii-Chan)
Small Bontarian house (Bonta) (-37,-57) 1 Chest (Private) Seattle-ka (Hooah)

Our Paddocks:

Area Cordinates Slots Owner
Bonta (Bakers' Quarter) (-27,-49) 5 Pipped
Bonta (Tailor's Quarter) (-29,-56) 5 Tyzii
Cania Plains (Road to Brakmar) (-29,-8) 7 Pipped
Brakmar (Lumberjacks' Quarter) (-83,-45) 5 Cluck
Koalak Mountain (Breeder Village) (-14,4) 4 Tyzii
Frigost Island (Frigost Village) (-83,-45) 6 Tyzii

Recruiting QuestionsEdit

This is for member-use only, and the recruiting questions can be found here on the guild site.

Guild MemoriesEdit

Click me! We're very funny.


If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact Tyzii, Felancia, Queenof-Thieves, Cluck, Sir-Kappy or She-Devil by either sending them a message in-game or by the talk section on this page :) 


Guild screen

From left to right: Tsugaki, Draw-Drunk, Strange, Wusspuss, Shield-Rave and Tyzii.

Guild Screenshot

From left to right: Ze-Shield, Medoc-Killeur, Dark-Excalibur, Rastafarianpl, Jukise, Qwisho, Wusspuss, Cluck, Soheili, Afghan-Skunk, Shield-Rave and Raiden.

Names screenshot

A Random Bedroom

Cluck and Me

Sometime's the only thing you need is company. Cluck (on the left) Shield-Rave (on the right).


A gathering in a hidden meeting point


Valium, Cluck, Vika, Dattebane, Iamshadow, Swisha-sweet and Pipped


Piwis! Left to right: Achab, Limecoin, Tyzii, King-Elemental and Dnite

Flasho hunting

Flasho Hunting Season!

Air tyzii on count scenic map

Count Scenic Map - with special guest Air-Magickz


Kwiiiismas! (2014)

Fvdfvfdvdfvv caption

Merkator Expedition :) From left to right in the line: Mescas, Midnight-Blade, Sir-Kappy, Dragonling, Fishing-Cactus, Tyzii, Ellowy, Pocket-Monkey, Winter-Diamond, Volluto, Ash & Valium


Hunting the Wanted Wun ;) (excuse the pun)

Magic map with cluck

Exploration with Tyzii and Cluck! -The elusive map at the bottom left of Brakmar city-

2016 kwismas parallel

The Parallel Haven (we snuck in whilst Dev wasn't logged). Kwismas 2015

Count run envi net

Count Dungeon Run - With Tyzii/Envious/Netflix

Sufok screen when santa logged off

Sufokia Zaap Sitting

Tyzii havenbag ss

Night out at a restaurant

Level 200 guild!

DING! Level 200!


Shiki's Drawing in celebration of the guild hitting level 200 :)

Parallel lvl 200 celebration


Guild party photo no.4


Lv l200 guild

Good times @ the home zaap