Goauld, is primarily bonta and neutral guild at the moment with future plans of maybe expanding to mixed alignment in the future. We are a level 32 guild currently with a level 65 player average and level 72 level cap for players to join. We have two large bonta houses (one being a large bonta baker house) and we also have two paddocks. A 7/7 paddock in bonta and 10/10 paddock in cania massif. Our leader is Shootyra, our SICs are Scalphunter and Chief-two(former guild creator), with protectors bein Daddyshere(also the head breeder), Blinkie, Stealth-guns, Memphe. WE are constantly running dungeons (anything from gob dung to blop dung to canidea dung or white rat dung), helping each other level professions or other players levels, and we have a very friendly group with great welcomes. Currently we have 8 players above the level 100 with many others on the verge of it. We always enjoy seeing players that have been with us for the long haul hit that magic 100. If u are interested in joining plz contact the leader, shootyra, daddyshere, blinkie, stealth-guns- memphe, scalphunter, chief-two or any other goauldie. So u think u have the Goauld in you?

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