About the GuildEdit

Equilibrium was created on October 31st 2005, making her 7 years old, as well as one of the oldest guilds on the server. She was founded by Waru. Some founding members include BattleKJ, CatFishShoe, Blagger, and -Konand-.
Equilibrium is an anglophonic International guild. Our members are located all around the world enabling us to have constant activity throughout the day. We try to support all members with regular hunts for materials for items, general kama making hunts, group leveling and hunts just for fun. We own 1 paddocks and have a successful breeding program in place.

Equilibrium's guild chat is often lively and we have took the stance that pretty much anything goes within this chat. As such guildchat can often contain mature content. We like outgoing, mature people with a good sense of humor and the ability to integrate themselves into a closely knit group of friends. While we can be quite patient with going away periods for members we do insist on a decent level of activity from all members

Why become a memberEdit

• Friendly and helpful people to play with

• Perceptor system that is fair and equally shares out all drops to all members

• Successful breeding program that aims at getting every member the bird they want

• Points system that makes members develop in our Guild.


• We accept players who are level 170+. • We like people with a good sense of humor, outgoing people who use guild chat for conversation.
• We prefer people that can speak English fluently
• You must be active!
• Members that help each other out and stick up for one another.
• People that will give the guild a fair chance, we have no time for people that join for a day and say they do not like it.

Want to join Equilibrium?Edit

PM any of: gikoruii, gikoruii-dragon, Staal

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