Dice Master (Rosal) Edit

I'd Like to welcome everyone to the guild Dice Master.

We are a very friendly/active/english speaking and mature guild, we try to keep it that way while

we still try to keep the guild full.

To join Dice I'd like to send you to the Recruitment part of this page.

History. Edit

Dice Master was created, we believe was about the first semester of 2008.

Kevinvem got the guild leadership by giving a tofu set to the last owner, and then Dice Master

started to be a real strong guild.

The brothers Kevinvem - Unicamper and Time-Temple - Valusak and Denzel-washington started working together

to make the nice guild we are today.

9 february of 2010 - Official unite with guild The Cynic (Special thanks to Comanchero)

Monday 7 June - Unicamper got hacked and Stopped playing after that, Time-Temple became leader. Saturday 17th July - Time-Temple gave up alot of his Dofus life and spend more time in Real life,
Denzel-Washington became new leader of Dice Master.

Later Denzel-Washington and time-temple left Dice Master to go to, Iluminati, when they gave back the guild Kevinem.

13 november 2010, Unicamper is back, and with the help of Kevimvem,Frismic and Denzel-Washington will try to make our guild back to active, unfortunately Time-Temple and Valusak wont be back.

Recruitment. Edit

Level Limit: 100+

Language: English speaking.

Age: 16+ or at least Mature.

Activity: Play several days a week.

Who to PM?

UniCamper, Valusak, Kevinem, Dragonfirefairy, or Frismic

All Guildies should know Edit

We dont allow:

  • Gangers
  • Scammers
  • Hackers
  • Thiefs
  • Any type of unfair playing.

One perc per guildie, and do not collect others perc.

If you respect you will be respected, if you help you will be helped.

No agro between guildies, unless both agree about it.

We play Dofus to have fun, any problem you have, you can always come to the guild and ask for help.

Do not start fights in guild chat or use bad language in it, let the guild chat be fun and friendly.

Allies. Edit

Talk to UniCamper or Time-Temple if you and your guild want to be added to this list.

Every single member of Dice Master is being expected to help all members of the allied guilds

in case when that is asked.

We are here to help each other in this game, so why wouldn't we? 

  • Kiss My Astrub ( Arkintude)
  • Pimps Slayers Elite ( Shielding-Slayears)
  • Supremacia-br (Spirit-br)
  • Tranquilize (Mafia-Boss) - Guild Died -
  • Knights Templar (Word-sanctuary) - Guild Died -
  • Black Knight' (Destructionxp)


  • Riot of Colour
  • Infinity Dinasty

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Ranking System Edit

The First rules to join the guild are the following: you have to be lvl 100+ and p2p and when you join you get the rank On Trial.
On Trial Members who first join the guild are automatically placed On Trial. The leader can then evaluate the newcomer to see if they fit into our community. There are no rights attached to this rank and you need to prove that you are mature enough to belong in this guild. Your guild xp will be set to 5% and can be set higher by the leader or Second in command
Apprentice This rank is for the members who are under the lvl of 100 but have given at least 5k xp to the guild
Initiate Members who have proven to take this guild seriously rank up to initiate. You get this rank when you are lvl 100+ and are p2p. The right you earn is that you can now alter your own % xp given to the guild.
Secretary Nothing special with this rank just a little bit more respect from everybody. You need to have donated 20k xp
Scout You get this rank when your more involved in the guild activities you need xp given at least 55k and lvl must be at least 120 and if leader doesn’t think you deserve this rank though to absence or not joining dungeon runs etc. you should prove yourself a bit more.
Guard This is where the important ranks come in. This rank will grant you perc rights both placing a perc as collecting your own perc will be given. This rank requires you to be lvl 135 as well as given at least 100k xp to the guild
Reservist 150k xp has to be given to the guild and you also need to be lvl 140 to obtain this rank. When you have this rank you will need to help guildies once in a while as well as joining guild runs on a regular bases.
Protector 200k given to the guild and lvl 160. This is the highest rank to obtain normally and without special preferences. This rank will set you to defend the guild and being proud to be in Dice Master. This rank allowes you to invite other ppl to the guild.

This is a special rank for members who deserve it and are asked for this rank only by the leader himself. These ppl are more or less a Second in Command but they report to leader or SiC if they see something that is out of order.

Second in Command These ppl are like leaders and are his right and left hand they act as if they are the leader when hes not around and have a say in the important decisions.
Leader Well there’s only one of this and that’s Denzel-Washington our beloved leader. ^^

Special ranks:Edit

These ranks are given regardless of lvl and xp given to the guild also have these ranks nothing to do with the rights that they get.

Craftsman This rank is for ppl with 3 Professions at lvl 100 not including gathering professions. But including alchemist if you have met these requirements you should ask for this rank.
Recruiting Officer Members who invite other ppl and want to recruit frequently in R> channel. They can also alter other persons xp given to the guild to get new members going in case high ranked members are not online. This rank might not be used if there isn’t any need.
Dogsbody Special rank for high lvl members (lvl 180+) who haven’t met the xp requirement but cant be denied perc right because. They might have been in this guild before and left because they had to do something. This rank only counts after the date these rank get into work.
Guide These are mainly leechers. Like damage sadida’s and agility iop's that don’t mind ratting other members or the guild. Or more recently, a chance sacrier who wouldn't mind leeching them on the frigost island.
Breeder For members who want to use the paddock. Since we don’t have a paddock this rank doesn’t exist
Murderer This rank is for the PvPers in the guild, because they aren’t getting xp donated however a minimum of 50k is required to get this rank. This rank attaches perc rights.

Other Special rank mostly negative:Edit

You get these ranks after you’ve done something bad all these ranks have 0 rights attached to them and need members to prove that they aren’t worth these rank.

Deserter If you are absent for more then 21 days you get this rank, you will automaticly get your old rank back once you log back in again. How ever if you get past the 1 month away you might get kicked if the guild needs more space for new members
Torturer When you attack allies you get this rank and you better show that your behavior is going to improve. Once leader has decided you get your old rank back
Thief If you loot some else’s perc you get this rank only once you have been forgiven by the owner of the perc and the leader of the guild you get your old rank and rights back.

The ranks for the alt of a certain character will get the same as their main character and decided wich rank that is is based upon the character with the highest xp given amount. Sometimes even when you met all the requirements you might not get the rank that is because either the leader or SiC doesn’t trust you enough. The guild have a minimun xp given from guildies that is 1% , if u want to set to 0% u gotta talk to SICs or Leader.

* special thanks to Valusak for the work on the table

This topic is used to help you to find the right person to craft what you need.

Alchemist (lvl)

Farmer (lvl)

Lumberjack (lvl)

Miner (lvl)

Fisherman (lvl)

Hunter (lvl)

Time-Temple (100) Unicamper (100) Mazaku ( 50+) Eca-Mark(100) Nikika (90) Kevinvem (100) None

Squash-br (60)

Time-Temple (100)

Baker (lvl)

Butcher (lvl)

Fishmonger (lvl)

Handyman (lvl)

Jeweller (lvl)

Shoemaker (lvl)

Tailor (lvl)

Unicamper (100)

Mazaku (100)


Kevinvem (60)

Time-Temple (100)

None Valusak (75+)

Veinhusafado-br (100)

Dragonfirefairy (90)

Veinhusafado-br (82) Veinhusafado-br (100)


Bow (lvl)

Staff (lvl)

Wand (lvl)

None None None


Axe (lvl)

Dagger (lvl)

Hammer (lvl)

Shovel (lvl)

Sword (lvl)

Shield (lvl)

Gractavir (100) None Unicamper (65) None Gractavir (100) None

Specializations table 1Edit

Bow Magus (lvl)

Staff Magus (lvl)

Wand Magus (lvl)

Axe Magus (lvl)

Dagger Magus (lvl)

Hammer Magus (lvl)

None None None Gractavir (100) None Unicamper (100)

Specializations table 2Edit

Shovel Magus (lvl)

Sword Magus (lvl)

Shoemagus (lvl)

Costumagus (lvl)

Jewelmagus (lvl)

None None Veinhusafado-br (100) Veinhusafado-br (100)

Veinhusafado-br(100) Eca-Mark(100)

Dragonfirefairy (100)

Pics Edit

Dice Master Pic1
Dice Master Pic2
Dice Master Pic3
Dice Master Pic5
Dice Master Pic7
Dice Master Pic4

Kevinvem Lvl152

Mon avatar6

Unicamper Lvl189


Squash-br Lvl151

Dice Master Pic6
Veinhusafado-br Lvl158

veinhusafado-br Lvl158