Dawn of Hope is a mixed-alignment guild.


DoH is now dead, Thank you for visiting x3.

We are an experienced guild made up a lot of older players. We are a friendly guild that goes on many hunts and dungeon runs and organizes guild events. We value being friendly, respectful and active. We are most active on the weekends.

We are also fairly laid back and try not to stress about things too much, after all its a game! Just be sure not to say "doh" too much, it's taking our guild name in vain; which most of us do nearly every day.

Also, Dawn of Hope has a paddock and a house. We are working out ways to provide equips for lower levels to level with, like prespic or custom sets.


Currently the guild only accepts those lvl 80+. Those who wish to be a part of the main guild, but do not currently meet the lvl requirement, are encouraged to join Knighs Realm.


Promotions are determined by experience, loyalty, and trust--not necessarily combat level. We utilize a variety of ranks, and try to have it all set up in a way that makes sense.


Currently, we have merged with Camelot and allied.


We don't stand for bullies and people who get enjoyment out of hurting others. We have a couple of enemies that fall into this category and most of them are in Dark Side of the Moon.


Our guild website is also a blog kept by the leader - Dawn of Hope Blog


Our forums are active, and there's only a troll or two to be found, but they make everything interesting. We're currently adding features and sub-forums, like a shared forum with other allied guilds.

For more details on us please view our blog, and even our forums!

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