Cursed Seal is recruiting +15lvl players, but soon changing to +20(maybe +25). For more information, pm XeloR-MasteR or -White-Shinobi-


We are searching for really, when i say really, i really mean it. We search active players, mainly Main chars, not alts or so. Atm we have alot of low lvl and "Non-active-at-all players. If you are interested in rescue us, Pm, -White-Shinobi-, StrenghtOfSadida, or -Gremlin-.

Ranks on guild

On trial - Players lower than 15lvl

Servant - Players +15

Reservist - Players +30

Protector - +40-50

Treasurer - +50

Officers/Right-Hand-Man/Second in command - Handpicked, and based on exp given to guild too.


When joining guild, u get the rights to invite ppl, and put percs and take the tax. If u place the perceptor, its yours.


We hunt alot at blops and so, so we prefer ppl that are p2p to join, course f2p's are welcome too, as long as you are active. ^^

Many thanks, -Grem

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