Info Edit

  • Guild created on 27. September 2006.
  • We are an international guild. Despite the name, we ask our members to speak english in the guild chat.
  • We don't like guildhoppers.
  • We are a friendly and fair guild.

Members Edit

Leader Edit

  • Mhonia

Officers Edit

  • LittleLexi
  • Bitterzarteliebe
  • Zeuchen
  • Tofumeister

Mascot Edit

  • Klappspaten

Feel free to contact us to join our guild, or if you have any questions regarding Concilium Germanicum.

Rules Edit

  • Have respect for each other. Our guild should be fun for you. Play fair and enjoy the game!
  • It's recommended that you are an active player. Nobody wants dead chars around

Guild Ranks Edit

  • All rank decisions are made by the leader. Certain ranks will be determined by a voting of the leader and the current officers

Recruitment Information Edit

  • we prefer p2p Player
  • we prefer main characters
  • all alignments and neutral people are welcome
  • minimum level to join us is 100
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