Clan THACO is a guild that does not follow the standard Guild Formula. We accept any level character. We spend several nights a week teaching those characters how to become better players. We will spend certain game days helping the lower characters to get drops for better sets. There is a group of Officers that votes on each candidate, whether to let them into the guild based on teamwork and attitude. As the members grow in the Guild, they receive more rights to manage until there is a final vote to become an Officer.

Current Officers:

Beeveequay (aka. BVK)




Raque-Whiterook (Leader)





Guild Rank scale (Guild XPs) Guild Rights (Under Construction)

   On Trial        0  to 100     None     
   Apprentice     101 to 500     None
   Guard          501 to 5000    Invite With Officer OK
   Reservist     5001 to 7500    Invite, Collect Resources
   Craftsman     7501 to 10000   Invite, Collect Resources, Items
   Protector    10001 to 24999   Invite, Collect Resources, Items, and Kamas

Members who are On Approval will have their donated XPs set to a minimum of 10%.

Donations may be set to 15% or 20% for characters over level 20.

   Officer       Over 25000  Plus Vote of Current Officers  
         All rights except Manage Boosts 

Each High level (40+) will be required to stay in Free area to help level lower level characters on a rotating schedule. The time will be one gaming session for at least 1 hour.

Our New Training Guild: Clan THACO Ascending


The Clan THAC0 forums are up and running. Follow the link below. After December 31st, the membership to the clan forums will require an Invitation Code. Current guild members are encouraged to register with the forums before this point. The Invitation Code will be changed periodically, and published in the forums so that any guild member may supply the code when they invite a new member into the guild.

Clan THACO Forums


Our Guild owns a private members-only Teamspeak voice-chat server. All guild members who have reached the rank of Reservist, or above can be granted access to the TeamSpeak server. Instructions for connecting to TeamSpeak are posted on the Clan News forum, which is accessible only to members who are registerd with the Forums.


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