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In the tough old world of Dofus everyone just needs half a chance to get by(or just less critical failures).

Chance is a growing and ambitious guild on the Rushu server. We are level 50 at the moment and have 80+ members, ranging from 100 -200. Chance is a guild based on the community. We are pretty laid back, enjoy playing the game and having a good laugh. Our long term goal is to get into top guilds list. Chance members are always ready to help you out with the knowledge, experience, and manpower at our disposal, though, you must offer them yourself in order to join.

If you are interested in joining Chance we are looking for mature, age 18+ (younger players may be taken into consideration, depends on actual maturity), (new requirement) you should be level 130+, as this shows you are dedicated to the game and helps to strengthen the guild. However, we make exceptions for family members who are active and leveling, as generally this makes the game more fun.

In return, you are joining a very active guild with an on average 10+ players on-line at a time (20+ on weekends), thus there is always someone on to answer your questions (dofus related or not!), or just to chat about anything! We like to team up for drop runs, dungeons, leveling hunts and (when we find them) taking on the Bosses of Amanka. Occasionally we have leveling competitions, just to add that extra drive to become the best.

So to join, contact Marypos, Abyssal-Fuhrer, Slag, or Strikefear . Alternatively if you see anyone in Chance, ask them to pass on the message.

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