History - This guild was created by jokerboyxx hiro and blood angels. For the reson of the previous guild we were in became very inactive and we just got bored with just always us 3 being on so i got the idea to make our own guild i talked it over with blood first then hiro they both agreed so it was settled that we were going to create the guild Calico Moon.

Reason For being in guild- This guild is for the people who like to joke around and have a good time and enjoy the game. We like to to dungeons and hunts always looking to start a good conversation.

Recuirements - U must be levle 35+ and p2p. We also recuire u to give 5 percent of ur xp to guild at all times u will be given a 2 week trial time in the guild to give 1000 xp if not met u will be given a warning and 2hours will be given to make up the xp not give if not met we will kick u from the guild leting u have another chance in 2weeks.

Ranking - is as follows

on trail - 0xp-999xp rights - none

apprentice - 1000xp-3499xp rights - invite new members manage the xp

reservest - 3500xp-9999xp rights all of the previous and use the paddocks

Guard - 10000xp-24999xp rights all of the previos and paddock rights place collector retreive recources off of collector.

more to be added..............

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