Guild HistoryEdit

Brotherhood of Steel was formed by the players Demirlero and Exawo. Most of the founders are members of the Istanbul Technical University FRP Club. Guild is open for any Fallout fans as well. We have taken completely different paths through the world of Dofus.


Brotherhood of Steel offers two different options for membership qualification.

  • Level 20 character level
  • Level 40 in any profession

There is currently no official requirement in regards to allignment, but we encourage all members to choose an alligment. Guild experience is set at %10 for all guild members. Members with experience-related rights may change their guild experience percentage for maximum efficiency.


  • On Approval - New members are required to gain 1000 experience to get approved.
  • Servant - This is a trial period; members should stay on as servants until having donated 5,000 experience. They can also opt for one-week trial periods.
  • Defender - The standard rank for guild members. They are allowed to collect from perceptors.
  • Manufacturer - Same as Defender, only for members with profession level 60+.
  • Keeper - When a Defender has donated 20,000 guild experience, they are promoted to Keeper. They gain the rights to place a perceptor, invite new members, and manages distribution of experience.
  • Treasurer - Same as Keeper, but for Manufacturers.
  • Officer - The guild Officers are a group of members who have proven their dedication to the guild over time, and serve as positive role-models for other members.


The single defining characteristic of Brotherhood of Steel is teamwork. In addition, we try to maintain standards of professionalism and respect at all times.

Famous ForEdit

Brotherhood of Steel is famous for its item runs. The guildmembers arrange resource runs to complete desired items for willing members nearly every night.

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