This is the guild Brakmarian Devils. Created by oni-shadow who was tired of easy things and also on Bonta always having the best players, so this guild was founded for brakmarian's only. In the beginning, this leader, that never liked rules, tried to make anarchy to prevail. Unfortunately, our world has imposed to all of us so many rules that many of the players couldn't understand those ideals of anarchy. Therefore, rules were created...


On Approval

(Requirements: Level=>40)

As the name of the rank says, these members are required to prove their worth and effort. Their experience share will be set to 10% and a minimum of 500 experience given to guild, within a week, is required to stay a member. They have no rights.


(Requirements: 500+EXP, 3 days)

Still with no rights, these players have proven their commitment to the guild. They are expected to support the guild in everything it needs and to spread the word about us!!


(Requirements: Level=>45, 2000+Exp, 7 days)

The members who have achieved this rank have shown their power in battle, so their duty is to protect perceptors and to aid low levels players to level up. Rights: Get kamas from perceptors.


(Requirements: Level=>45, 2000+EXP, 7 days, Handcraft profession above level 50)

This rank is given to those who are highly specialized in one or several handcraft profession. For that matter they will have exclusive right to get resources from perceptors.


(Requirements: Level=>50, 3000+EXP, 15 days)

Keepers are well respected members, they are to keep order in the guild, organize hunts and help all around. Rights: Manage distribution of experience, get kamas from perceptors.


(Requirements: Level=>60, 4500+EXP, 20 days)

This rank is given to those that have shown their loyalty and trust. They should search for good places for perceptors and retrieve the itens collected by them. Rights: Invite new members, place perceptor, get itens from preceptors, get kamas from perceptors, manage distribution of experience.


(Requirements: Level=>65, 7000+EXP, 25 days)

This is the final rank, these members are the "substitutes" of the leader. They must be fair and honest, hear sugestions and complaints and report back to leader. The most important decisions in the guild will be taken by officers along side the leader. Rights: All except manage the boosts.


  • The several requirements must be all achieved in order to get the next rank.
  • The requirements may change as the guild grow.
  • As this is a brakmarian guild all the players will be at risk of agressions, for that matter, it's more important for the players to get stronger so more then 20% experience share is not recomended, as well less then 5% is not allowed.

on rosel pm me Eni-Reaper