Guild no longer exists

Basic InformationEdit

Referred to as BKA. This is the feeder guild for the Blue Knights. You must be lvl 5+ to join this guild, and you can graduate from it at lvl 30 into the Blue Knights.


When you join this guild you enroll yourself into the Blue Knights organization. The benefits include being able to join the Blue Knights at level 30 instead of the required 35+. Also when you join the Blue Knights you will be given the opportunity to start 1 rank farther up on the list than normal because of your attendance here.


To join just contact --S--U--P--E--R--, FlamesOfKasil, or Lord-of-Time-Machine in game.


30+ graduate to Blue Knights

Treasurer - 25-30

Protector - 20-25

Reservist - 15-20

Guard - 10-15

Apprentice - 5-10

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