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Basic InfoEdit

Refered to as BK. We enjoy doing dungeon runs and huts on gobs, prespic, etc. We always are willing to help eachother out on a quest or getting an item. We have a 4 mount paddock located at the brakmar rescource sellrooms. All members are able to use it. Our guilds members range from lvl 4-83. So no real standouts lvl 100+. We believe in just having a good time together and becoming a better guild.


Long ago, in the large city of Astrub, four noobs roamed. However these noobs were determined to one day own their own guild. The noobs, DarknessWins, Kasil, imyourfriend, and JohannaLeeTheThird, appointed Darkness as their leader, for he had brought them together. Alas the adventurers began to collect and save their money to eventually buy a guildalogem or guild.

Eventually 20kk and many items were raised. A man with a guild was soon found, and he was willing to sell it. The noobs gave the man the 20kk and every item they had... But the man simply demanded more money and logged off with all of their possessions.

The adventureres were ultimately depressed until JohannaLeeTheThird struck oil! He dropped a guildalogem! Alas the noobs finally were able to create their guild and named it after their school mascot (Blue Knights). DarknessWins was the leader of the guild because JohannaLeeTheThird was not a member of the game at the time. We started our recruitment level at 10+. The guild soon grew.

When summer break approached JohannaLeeTheThird was forced to travel to Hawaii for the vacation, leaving DarknessWins, Kasil, and imyourfriend to run the guild. Soon after JohannaLeeTheThird left DarknessWins made a new character, -red-eye-, a bluff Ecaflip. However with a new leader, the guild began to fall. Kasil was reborn as FlamesOfKasil. -red-eye- once again created a new character, determined to become powerful. He was called --S--U--P--E--R--. This character was a success and soon influenced imurfriend to make Lord-Of-Time-Machine. The guild once again began to grow larger and more powerful.

But the downhill journey was not over yet. A Knights Officer, Alwayz, recieved her own Guildalogem. She and her husband then created their own guild, GuardiansOfHemp, now strong allies of the guild. Her leaving strengthened our guild's relationships together.

After the Dragoturkey update we decided that we should start saving for a paddock. We eventually bought a 4 mount paddock located at the brakmar rescource sellrooms.

Alot of good friends have passed through our guild; ----the-Killa----, iansoul, II-Doodle-II, CooksProtector, and many more. We thank these people for helping our guild ultimately become better. We are now a level 21 guild recruiting level 35+ characters.




Recruiting all lvls Contact --S--U--P--E--R--, FlamesOfKasil, or Lord-of-Time-Machine if interested in joining.


Leader = --S--U--P--E--R-- 75 Feca

Second in Command = Lord-Of-Time-Machine 70 Xelor

Second in Command = FlamesOfKaisl 70 Osamodas