Introduction Edit

Blank In Training is the OFFICIAL 'Blank Academy' Made with Youbutsu's permission by Ecamadness, lvl 13x

Joining Requirments WabbitNinjaEdit

How to join Blank Academy:

The current level required to join is level 70+ . Applicant also have to have a positive attitude towards both guildmates and players out of guild.

1. If any of us finds out that you've been causing trouble for several members about joining Blank, we decline.

2. If you got a bad reputation you cant join.

3. Rules and alliances will get told to you right before you know so you know whether to decline the join or not.

4. We are nice, you always got 2 shots. If you left once we might understand you and accept you again, but if you left twice - Do not bother us. This pretty much shows us how loyal you are.

If you are interested in joining our newly created Academy, please whisper anyone in Blank or Blank Academy and we'll get right at it. We want you!

Alliances Edit

Seeming it is Blank's Academy the same alliances apply. We are allied guilds with Power and Lost Eden this includes collector and alignment alliances. This is another advantage in joining our Blank so that you would have more friends and less enemies, members from any of these guilds are not to aggress or attack any member or percpector within these guilds.

Percpector Policy Edit

None, at the moment

-Other Blank Guilds- Edit

We have no relations with a guild called -Blank Raising- and do not appreciate whoever that created the guild for what ever reason to use a similar name as us. It is suspected that whoever created -Blank Raising- also created Storm Troppers Training, Enherjar Raising, Horison School etc. Members in -Blank Raising- get no special treatment from Blank and might be approched a little aggressivly by some members. Some other guilds include -Blank-Dragon - -Blank' -and -Blank Academy-.

Written by: XxRamboPLxX Posted by -Con