As posted by -Con on the "blank" guild page....

We have started an academy for those who would like to join Blank later on and this guild got a level 90-129 requirement. Once you attain the level requirement of Blank you will be transfered to our main guild where we all will accept you gladly. Blank Academy have got the exact same rules as our main guild though recruits are different. We always want to know new people so even if you dont know any of us, you might get to join Blank Academy. Blank Academy is getting lead by one of our main guilds officers so we know for sure that same rules are implanted in both guilds. Some of our members do got alts in this guild, so its a nice way of getting to know each others even before you get to join Blank. Our two guilds will still do things together. If anyone are searching a team for something specific and cant get anyone in their current guild, the message will get through in the other one.

How to join Blank Academy:

1. If any of us finds out that you've been causing trouble for several members about joining Blank, we decline.

2. If you got a bad reputation you cant join.

3. Rules and alliances will get told to you right before you know so you know wether to decline the join or not.

4. We are nice, you always got 2 shots. If you left once we might understand you and accept you again, but if you left twice - Do not bother us. This pretty much shows us how loyal you are.

If you are interested in joining our newly created Academy, please whisper anyone in Blank or Blank Academy and we'll get right at it. We want you!

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