Black Sheep was formed after the decline of Sarmageddon, by the founders of former Sarmageddon.


  • Great Leader Kamenus cometh not unto his servantes for a longge time and the heartte of the menne becayme corruptyd and thee hath forgoten the proudde PATH OF SARMA.
  • Menne of Sarmageddon becometh unrrulie and unhappy as the shade of dicordde and insinceritye greweth upon theem.
  • To preserve the fragile peace betweenne the once valiantt menne of Sarma, it hath been decided to form two new guildde, thy Black Sheep and Sunrise.

Black Sheep is a guild made by the founding officers of former Sarmageddon with the honourable task of not letting the old ways of Sarma be forgotten, and the general idea of having fun. With or without beer. Preferably with.

Guild PolicyEdit

Our policy is man before ranks, friends before guilds and Sarma and beer before everything. Being friendly and honest, we expect that in return, in that and other ways adhering to the proverbs "do unto others as they do unto you", and "don't do what you wish not done to you."

Leader and OfficersEdit

  • Beshtija
  • Bryutal
  • Edmund Blackadder
  • Jelenko
  • Kosta
  • Nadrkenzi
  • Deimontas
  • Tonkintota
  • Udarnik
  • Master-Shovel-Smith
  • Ciupacu
  • HolierThanThou
  • Mihovila

Kosta is the leader by name only, in reality she is first among equals: the founders jointly perform the function of the leader, and manage the daily business of the guild. That means you can contact Kosta or any of the others for questions related to guild problems and politics, provided you find us online.

Other membersEdit

  • Rennis - Scout
  • Baeal - Guide
  • i-nagchampa - Torturer
  • sors - Diplomat
  • ciupacu - Protector
  • HolierThanThou - Torturer
  • Mihovila - Scout

We prefer a small but compact and family-like membership, thus avoiding the estrangement of huge guilds.


We are slowly rebuilding on new foundations, using old principles. This guild is based on player interaction, communication and fun, meaning the main requirements for entry are friendliness and good manners.

Being of age does help since all the members are above 21, but is not a strict prerequisite: we aim to create a harmonious atmosphere, not an adult exclusive club.

Exactly due to that, for the time being, recruiting is conducted on an 'invite-only' basis, with the officers having discretionary rights on invitations. Based on our prior experience, we try to judge each candidate closely and thoroughly, trying to avoid the pitfalls that hasty recruitment creates for the atmosphere of the guild.

If you are a potential Black Sheep, don't look for us, we will find you.