About us Edit

Basic requirements are simple: at least level 40, and a subscribed member of Dofus. (The latter requirement is fixed, but the level 40 requirement can be worked around if need be)

We want our members to have fun, but in a way that is mature and respectful to our fellow guildmates and to everyone else who plays Dofus. We do not approve of members who display qualities of selfishness, disrespect, arrogance, etc.

If you are new to the world of Dofus and display a great interest in learning the game, we'll be glad to help you. However, we don't want "help lvl me pls" or "can i borow a goball set from somoen?" Also, proper grammar is always a plus. (The guild leader will have a hard time disliking you if you stay consistent in such)

Ideally, we want our members to show commitment to the guild, and so all guild experience is voluntarily given. One must show their loyalty clear enough to deserve a promotion. Gradually, your rank will go up as will your rights.

History Edit

Black Euphoria was created at the end of Beta by a group of friends after their old guild started to deteriorate. The friends all pitched in to buy their Guildalogem, and headed off to make the guild. The group of friends consisted of: Bikushou, Lure, Foxtrot(I cant remember any others right now.(I need to get the stories from Biku when I can >.>)).

Black Euphoria was created soon to the ending of beta.. An old guild named "Despair" was having problems... and a member of that guild, named Alarka The Roust, almost by fate, received a guildalogem drop off of a petty wabbit. He created the devil guild soon after.. Then built it to an acceptable standard and left his underlings to rule.

Alignment Edit

Alignment doesn't truly matter in this guild, Bontarian or Brakmarian is welcome

Currently the ammount of Bontarians outnumber the Brakmarians though. /cough.

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