Guild HistoryEdit

Black-Dragon is a Xelor-only guild. Black-Dragon first started when damon-miller got a guildelogem in the tutorial. Being the nice person that he is, he gave it to his friend Justin-MC, who then created the guild. Justin-MC was the leader until the guild was about level 8, then he made another character called cras-rage, who then became the leader. When the guild got to about level 11, he gave the guild to his friend awesome-demon because he was quitting dofus. Awesome-demon then lead the guild until it was level 12. It was then that he realized that he was not patient nor organized enough to run the guild so he gave it to his friend damon-miller. The guild is now level 17 and is still being lead by damon-miller, the original finder of the precious guildelogem.


To join Black-Dragon,

you must be level 30 or higher and preferably be "pay to play"


Servant: This rank is given to members of the guild who are 20+

Defender: The rank defender is given to people who are lvl 30+ and that have given 2,000 experience to the guild

Keeper: The rank keeper is given to members of the guild who are lvl 40+ or have given 8,000 experience to the guild

Officer: The rank officer is given to members of the guild who are lvl 50+ or have given 12,000 experience to the guild

Manufacturer: Given to people with a profession lvl 30+


On approval: Place a Preceptor.

Servant: Place Preceptor and collect all resources from a Perceptor.

Defender: Place Preceptor and collect anything from a Perceptor.

Keeper: Place Preceptor, collect anything from a Perceptor and manage the xp.

Manufacturer: Place Preceptor and collect anything from a Perceptor.

Officer: All rights.


  1. . respect your elders in the guild
  2. . All new members under level 20 must stay on approval and have there experience to the guild at 15 percent.
  3. . No spamming.
  4. . No inner guild aggressions.
  5. . No scamming.
  6. . Never change the distribution of experience of another player except when they give you permission.

Check out the website to see what changes we have made to the guild ranks and rights.