You have just stumbled across the guildopedia for Bamboocha. First off we would like to tell you all we are a guild for fun, if you are not having fun, tell the leader/co-leader and we shall make it our top priority to make you laugh like an elephant would if we tickled it's bum with a giant feather duster!!! Enough of that nonsense....

Requirements for joiningEdit

To be Frank, or Francine whichever you prefer, we don't have many. We do ask of you to make sure you give a certain amount of XP depending on your level. If not made you get a probation period to prove you do want to stay and party on!!! And that is of course the most important must be willing to have fun with a bunch of looney's hehe.

Further informationEdit

For any further information you can checkout our website which will be updated regurarly. You will also find several ways of getting in touch with our leader on the if you do want more info feel free to let us know!

Before you go...Edit

Our Motto: Eat Life With A Big Spoon! Our Warcry: KOOPLAA!!!

HAVE FUN! *waves*

--Tukutela 08:49, 8 January 2007 (GMT)

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