Avatars of Lost Light was created during the Dofus beta by Wen-Kai, who passed down his post as leader to -tryo at that period's end. -tryo has since retired, appointing Teucer as his successor (his alt Leath was later established as interim leader). Past Avatars went on to establish guilds of their own, including Apocalypse Later (founded by schrodinger and Dudley), Horizon (Exeunt), Louvre (MissMarie), and Socks (Medhlorie and Fardin). AoLL was a small, tightly-knit guild; basically, a fellowship of friends that proved to be a good community for many veteran players to start in.

The guild took its name from one founded by Wen-Kai in the MMORPG Asheron's Call, which was ultimately dissolved in 2007. Guild officer Leiza has since gone on to found an AoLL chapter in Lord of the Rings Online that attracted AoLLers from AC. AoLL Dofus was finally disbanded in June 2008.

Founder's Motto: "AFOOFA! AoLL For One, One For AoLL!"


We are all Avatars in the sense that in Dofus, we play projections of who we are.

The ”Light” refers to the gaming spirit of old; gamers play for pure entertainment and believe that the experience is elevated when shared with friends.

”Lost” refers to the degradation of this gaming spirit, whether an eventual decline in interest, the grinding out of leveling, the superficial annoyances of aggro, or the clash of personalities online, amongst others.

The reclamation of this ”lost light” is our true calling as a gaming community. Out of this, we have come together as individuals to form a fellowship of mutual regard, responsibility, and friendship.

We are champions of the true gaming spirit, we are the Avatars of Lost Light, and we are here to revive the good of gaming in Dofus.