Atomic Zodiac Slayers (AZS) is a guild built on the principles of respect, loyalty, and honor. AZS has a high emphasis on teamwork, a strong emphasis on character leveling, and is against Perceptor fights. AZS strives to build quality players so that we can be proud of all who are members. Currently Inactive.



Atomic Zodiac Slayers is an old guild seeking a new beginning. We are currently mass recruiting any level whether f2p or p2p.


Atomic Zodiac Slayers was conceived when three friends became disillusioned with the world of Dofus, in the realm of guilds. These three friends decided that they wished to create a guild unique to the world of Dofus in the fact that it would cater mainly to those young-at-heart gamers and other like-minded persons who wanted a guild that supported its members with respect, loyalty, and honor.


The purpose of AZS is to allow Dofus characters a chance to belong to a family-like guild. Entry level requirement of 40 shows our desire of progressive players that strive to grow and learn. AZS exists to give players a place to call their own, and a guild that is eager to help them grow.


AZS caters to those whom are respectful, kind, and considerate. We accept only those who wish to enjoy a positive gaming environment, whether it be in guild chats and activities or in the entire world that is Dofus.


In AZS, we respect one another, and we show the same respect to those outside our guild. We at AZS care about our reputation and strive to keep it a positive one. Therefore, we support each other in all that we do in-game. Not only are we a guild, we are family.


There is no level discrimination as far as who we accept into our guild. This is to ensure acceptance of both experienced and inexperienced players.

AZS recruits from both P2P and F2P, however, most guild sponsored activities are in P2P areas.

Rules and RanksEdit

Perhaps our only rule is that you show respect and consideration to all members and overall, just have a good time.

The rank system is currently being developed and any member is more than welcome to propose new ideas for the structuring of our ranks.

To join, contact Sadah, Osaku-San, or New-Hells in game.