This Guild Was one of the most friendly on Dofus, Established in 2006 The Assasin Monkeys where always epic. The original Monkeys know where their epic origines come from. Though many have gone on o bigger and beter guilds. The Assasin Monkeys will always be around. At the moment this is a private guild. When we do open our arms we will make sure everyone will be welcomed as to teach the new generation of dofus players just how to become epic.

We don't condone belittling of others or anti-social behaviour and any action of that kind will be dealt with swiftly.

Your advancement through the ranks is dependant on your XP donations and also how you contribute to the guild. Whether that is through items or skill sharing, or just being a larrikin while online and chatting to others.

If we have interested you in joining, please contact our leader or second-in-commands (Majin-Bardock, Paladin-Zandon, The-Riddlebox, Jackjeckal, The-Wraith, Or CarnivalofCarnage) in game. Or leave a message on our message board

Alliances Edit

Struck up an interest? Visit message board for more info! Edit

~The members of Assasin Monkeys.