Requirements Edit

  • Level must be above level 194
  • All members must give at least 1% XP to guild and max 50%

Ranks are dependent on how many xp given to the guild

I am Mustafu, leader of Ascending Heroes. I took over from Ractyl as leader.

History of guild Edit

Ractyl started this guild in 2004 (almost beginning of Dofus, as far as I know) and had help of one of his closest friends, Al-Szponek.

They met Dark-Idiotic, an xelor also known as DI leader of Blank today.

When Dark left the guild Radek put full concentration on me, and trusted me most. When a bad time in his life came up, he had to leave the game and put me in charge. He came back to level his Sadida to 200 and then had to leave again.

Since that time I've really became the leader and have lots of help with few of my closes friends (the most SIC's of today).

Joining the guild Edit

If you are interested in joining our guild you can pm us in-game.

When you pm us in-game for an invite make sure you ask for a guard or higher rank, they are the ones that can add you.

Looking forward to hear from you, folks.