Beginning Edit

Was created by Torrido-Asino because she was sick of all of the wanna be guilds that just gave ranks because of level...

Rules Edit

My rules are simple...

  1. Must be level 15+ to join (may raise soon if page is not updated)
  2. U earn ranks and right go with ranks
  3. Like baseball and softball... im fair...3 strikes and ur out
  4. I do not tolerate arguing... i might keep u around just to argue with then kick you
  5. No exceptions to my rules...

Ranking Edit

Required lvl: 15
Required xp: 1000
Required lvl: 15
Required xp:2000
Recruiting Officer
Hand picked
Required lvl:35
Required xp:3000
Required lvl:+35
Required xp: goes up by 1000 each rank
Second in Command

Contact Torrido-Asino for rest

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