ANTARTICA is a guild formely founded by ThePur for Itallian people on RUSHU. As time passed it become more international. When ThePur passed down leadership to Daenerys the changes had began. GUILD became FULLY INTERNATIONAL gatering people from all around the world (for example we have people from USA, Itally, Lithuania, French, UK, Holland, Poland and more). Our goal is to have max fun and make friends as well to fight side by side with enemies. The only rule is to have fun and stay active. We recruit from level 10 and above. The Guild is mostly Bontarian but we also welcome Brakmarians aswell as Neutral players. Our forum is located here [1]

If you see on Recruitment chat advertises like those:

"Alone in the dark... U can already feel its near... And it catches U!!! The Thirstiness! It wouldn't happen if U would have BEER with U. Join ANTARTICA where the BEER waits for U."

"BEER, vodka, wine and hot women where are those?! In ANTARTICA of course JOIN NOW!!! ANTARTICA where party never ends"