Intro Edit

The guild -Judgement- is currently a lvl 17 guild created by two friends -mikau-[Ecaflip] and Xelors-ownage[Xelor].
The guild has an interesting history, showing that teamwork can solve many problems. This way the members became good friends and besides some little goofing around from time to time, we are all one happy family. ;-)
Also people seem to hunt even more then before and lvl themself and the guild real quick.
Dark times are over and all decisions are final. -Judgement- has found its rightfull place and we'd like to get our guild even better then it is now. Now we're activatig the new rules and ranks

The guild's consist a majority of level 45-70 people.
We seriously need more active and if possible, high levels to join the guild so it can be more merry and so that we can start placing perceptors without worrying it getting wiped out. ;-D

Sometimes we also do some PvP to lvl our wings or take down some Perceptors from other guilds.
The guild is more based on making sure everybody has fun and hunting.
However, since our guildmembers are lvling fast, the importance of getting high lvled wings is growing.
So we might also become an active PvP guild

Our Motto: Edit

Currently we have choosen for the Motto: "Have fun!" XD
Trust me, this is a good guild with cool and kind mates.
We offer help to those who are in need and we do a lot of hunts!

Ranking system: Edit

-mikau- and l-dark-mage-l made a final ranking system:
  • you will be on approval for a little while when you join
  • Servant lvl 30+
  • Reservist lvl 40+ or 4000+ xp
  • Manufacturer lvl 30+ and lvl 30+ crafting job or lvl 50+ gathering job
  • Protector lvl 40+ and 8k guild xp
  • Treasurer lvl 50+ and 15k guild xp or lvl 75+

The guild rules: Edit

Here are the rules for our guild:

  • Do not swear at guildmates.
  • Do not beg for ranks.
  • Do not change people's guild XP without any reason.
  • Feel free to give your feedback about the guild.
  • Do not spam.
  • We al train 5% guild xp unless you want to train more or when you need to reach something quick it can be changed temporaly
  • When you are on approval your xp for the guild will be set on 15%

Recruitments Edit

  • People who are mature. We don`t mind a little goofing around. We are all here for the fun! But please, have respect for each other and be friendly.
  • Prefer level 40 and up.
  • People who love hunts, dungeon runs, and fun!

Contact persons Edit

These are the people you can contact if you wanna join:

  • xelors-ownage
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